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ComParte is a nationwide initiative focused on civic engagement and social transformation, developed within the Maria Rosa Foundation.

It was born in a context of growing appreciation of the participation of citizens in the construction of social structures aligned with everyone's needs and dreams and enriched by the contributions of each person.

Through an innovative methodology developed in partnership with the Norwegian organization ForandringsFabrikken, citizens collaborate in the development of the structures of the society they belong to, by sharing their knowledge and suggestions with decision-makers.



ComParte is an initiative of the Maria Rosa Foundation.

The Maria Rosa Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation of social and public interest that has been dedicated, since 2013, to the development of viticulture and the enhancement of the Douro region, as well as civic development and collective well-being actions, at the national level.

ComParte currently works in two areas:


A society built on a culture of participation and collaboration, where the decisions are shared and the solutions co-built. Considering people’s experiences as being an important knowledge source, citizens are listened to and collaborate with decision-makers and professionals in the continual development of policies and services that affect them. All of this is grounded on trusting relationships and horizontality.


To promote sharing of experiences and knowledge between citizens and decision-makers, collaborating in the development of social systems.


Collaboration - We believe that working together, based on the integration of different perspectives, promotes a sense of belonging and accountability in everyone.
Reciprocity -  We value the spirit of mutual influence. We recognize the importance of knowing how to give and of knowing how to receive.
Trust - We create relationships based on everyone’s dedication and openness to others, believing in each person's potential.
Gratitude - We like to express recognition for what each one brings to the initiative. Every contribution is valued and appreciated.
Affection - We value expressing emotions in an authentic and constructive way and promoting a sense of complicity.


Located in Largo de Andaluz, in Lisbon, ComParte's Home is a space open to everyone. Pros, decision-makers, friends and work partners come to socialize and share experiences, inside and outside the planned events and activities.

More than a workplace, it is a space to cultivate friendships and grow closer to each other, always with open doors and open arms!

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