The methodology applied by ComParte has as its main inspiration the work developed by the Norwegian organization Change Factory (ForandringsFabrikken), which accompanies and advises us from the first moment.

ComParte's action is organized into three major phases:

1: Create Trusting Relationships

ComParte's methodology is based on the creation of trusting relationships with Pros and Decision-makers, which are deepened throughout all the methodological steps. This stage involves activities, such as ComPrós and Retreats, which allow participants to meet and socialize, as well as for ComParte to collect their knowledge.

2: Map Knowledge of Pros

This step comprises two main goals. Firstly, to listen to the experience of the Pros, through listening sessions and participatory methodologies (which can also take place at ComPrós or Retreats), where we collect their knowledge.

Secondly, after each session, we organize and analyze the information shared by the Pros, in order to identify the most relevant themes. This analysis leads to the systematization of the information shared by the Pros in notebooks that are later delivered to the decision-makers and disseminated.

3: Share and Collaborate

Sharing involves, on the one hand, providing first-person knowledge of the Pros' experience to the decision-makers and civil society. This is accomplished through: 1) Meetings between Pros and decision-makers, 2) Conferences in which the Pros take the role of speakers and inspirers, 3) Dissemination of notebooks. On the other hand, it involves sharing Feedback from Pros and decision-makers about the impact of the Meetings.

The methodology contributes to the development of collaborative projects between Pros and Decision Makers, where they work together to build solutions for the system. This phase also involves measuring the impact and results of collaborative projects and sharing feedback with all participants.

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